Ovonyx, Inc. was formed in 1999 with a charter to commercialize the proprietary phase-change semiconductor memory technology originally invented and pioneered by S.R. Ovshinsky at Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. (ECD). Initial funding was provided by ECD and then by a Series A round lead by Intel. ECD exclusively licensed all of its intellectual property in the area of phase-change electrical memories, including patents, trade secrets and know-how to Ovonyx. ECD’s equity position in Ovonyx was acquired by Micron in 2012.

Phase Change Memory Illustration

Tyler Lowrey, the co-founder, president and CEO of Ovonyx, has 20 years of experience in the integrated-circuit (IC) memory business where he has been responsible for driving new technology into full-scale volume manufacturing for nine generations of memory products. His professional experience includes 14 years at Micron Technology where he served as chief operating officer, chief technical officer, vice president for manufacturing, and a member of Micron’s board of directors and as its vice chairman.

Mr. Lowrey’s co-founder in forming Ovonyx is Ward Parkinson, who has more than 30 years of experience in the IC memory business. In 1978, he co-founded Micron Technology and served as its first chairman and CEO through the company’s initial public offering phase. He led design, product, and manufacturing ramp-up programs for multiple generations of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM). Mr. Parkinson is a practicing attorney who specializes in IP law.

Ovonyx is focusing its efforts on the development and optimization of manufacturing processes and PCM device structures that are compatible with existing commercial memory products. The company makes use of chalcogenide alloys developed and used for commercial rewritable optical memory disks such as CD R/W, PD, DVD-RAM and DVD-R/W. Ovonyx continues to add to its portfolio of over 250 patents and assist its licensees that include Intel, Samsung, Hynix, Numonyx, BAE Systems and STMicroelectronics.

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